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Endeavor Learning Lab

In 2016, after receiving a very generous donation from a local business man and his wife, we built a steam (science technology engineering arts and math) lab.  Why would a church build a steam lab?  Many local families who homeschool didn't have access to newer technologies.  We now offer low cost classes and free tutoring to the community.  After building the lab we had no one to manage the lab.  Mrs. Bambi Nehring came to our rescue.  She and her husband, Michael (an engineer) volunteered countless hours to make the lab a success. In 2022 Bambi and Michael sensing a new chapter in their lives moved to Florence, AL.  The lab board met and established Damon Manders as the interim Director of the lab.  To date there have been over 2000 students who have taken one of over 250+ courses.  Students in public school many times enroll in enrichment classes and camps that we offer when public school is not in session.  Home school students have the opportunity to take classes that their parents might not have the tools to teach.  The Lab hosts a variety of maker tools such as 3d printers, vinyl cutters, telescopes, microscopes, etc.  

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